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Print Head Price in Bangladesh 2024

A printhead is that the part of a printer that assembles and maintains the characters to print. It’s also the component of an inkjet printer that sprays ink on paper by creating images and text. it’s the counterpart of the photoconductive unit or drum unit of the electrostatic printer.

Latest Print Head Price List In BD 2024

Print Head Model Price in BD
Epson XP600 Original Print Head ৳ 25,000
Zebra ZT420 300 DPI Print Head ৳ 75,000
Zebra ZM600 203 DPI Thermal Print Head ৳ 45,000
Zebra 110Xi4 203-DPI Barcode Print Head ৳ 50,000
Zebra ZT410 300 DPI Print Head ৳ 40,000
HP M607 Original Printer Maintenance Kit ৳ 41,500
Zebra ZT421 203-DPI Barcode Print Head ৳ 42,000
Zebra ZT510 300 DPI Printhead ৳ 42,000
Zebra ZT421 300 DPI Barcode Print Head ৳ 55,000
Zebra ZT410 Plus 300 DPI Printhead ৳ 42,000

A printhead is a crucial component of a printer that is responsible for depositing ink or toner onto paper to produce high-quality prints. In inkjet printers, the printhead contains tiny nozzles that spray droplets of ink onto the paper, while in laser printers, the printhead consists of a photoreceptor that produces an electrostatic image which is then transferred to the paper.

Printheads are available in various sizes, shapes and configurations, depending on the type of printer they are used in. The most common types of printheads include piezoelectric printheads, thermal printheads, and continuous inkjet printheads.

Piezoelectric printheads work by using piezoelectric crystals to generate pressure waves that force ink out of the nozzles. They are commonly used in high-end photo and graphic arts printers due to their ability to produce high-quality prints with fine details and accurate colors. Thermal printheads use heat to vaporize the ink, which is then expelled from the nozzles. They are widely used in budget inkjet printers and are known for their affordability and reliability.

Continuous inkjet printheads are a popular choice for industrial and commercial printing applications. They work by continuously spraying a stream of ink droplets onto the paper, which are then charged and deflected to produce the desired image. This type of printhead is known for its speed and efficiency, making it a popular choice for large-scale printing projects.

Printhead technology is constantly evolving, with manufacturers continually working to improve print quality, speed and reliability. Some newer printheads use advanced technologies such as thermal inkjet with high-resolution printheads and ultra-high-frequency piezoelectric printheads. These new printheads offer even better print quality and faster printing speeds, making them an ideal choice for demanding printing applications.

In conclusion, the printhead is an essential component of a printer and plays a critical role in producing high-quality prints. With advancements in printhead technology, printers are able to produce better, faster, and more reliable prints, making it easier for individuals and businesses to produce professional-quality prints. Whether you are a professional graphic artist or a small business owner, it is important to choose the right printhead for your printing needs to ensure that you get the best possible results from your printer.

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