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  • Blank PVC ID Card for Epson or Canon Inkjet Printer

    ৳ 2,185.00

    Blank PVC ID Card for Epson or Canon full box 230 pcs

    matched PVC ID card tray
    A4 Epson printer model:
    EpsonL800,L805,L850,L810,T50,T60,P50,R200,R210,R220,R230,R260,R265, R270,R280,R285,R290,R300,R310/R320,R350,R380,R390/Rx680 and etc.
    A3 Epson printer model:
    1400 , 1410, 1430, 1430W, 1500W, R800, R1800R, 1900, R2000,R2880, R3000 etc.

    Canon printer model:
    Canon J type
    IP7240 IP7250 IP7120 IP7130 IP7230 IP5400 MG7120 MG7130 MG6530 MG5450 MG5420 MG5430
    MG6320 MG6330 MG6350 MG5550 MG6450 and etc.