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  • Blank PVC ID Card for Epson or Canon Inkjet Printer

    ৳ 2,300.00

    Blank PVC ID Card for Epson or Canon full box 230 pcs

    matched PVC ID card tray
    A4 Epson printer model:
    EpsonL800,L805,L850,L810,T50,T60,P50,R200,R210,R220,R230,R260,R265, R270,R280,R285,R290,R300,R310/R320,R350,R380,R390/Rx680 and etc.
    A3 Epson printer model:
    1400 , 1410, 1430, 1430W, 1500W, R800, R1800R, 1900, R2000,R2880, R3000 etc.

    Canon printer model:
    Canon J type
    IP7240 IP7250 IP7120 IP7130 IP7230 IP5400 MG7120 MG7130 MG6530 MG5450 MG5420 MG5430
    MG6320 MG6330 MG6350 MG5550 MG6450 and etc.

  • PVC ID Card / Plastic ID Card

    ৳ 7.00

    Model Name/Number: pvc card
    Color :White
    Usage: For ID Card Printer
    Quantity: 250 PCS BOX

Blank PVC ID Card Price in Bangladesh | Inkject PVC ID Card Price in Bangladesh | RFID ID Card Price in Bangladesh | NFC Card Price in Bangladesh

Best PVC Card Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2023

PVC Card Model Price in BD
Waterproof PVC Gold & Silver Glossy Card ৳ 5-8
Blank PVC ID Card ৳ 4-9
Mango FM11RF08 Mifare Smart Punch Card ৳ 20-25
Blank Inkjet Coating PVC ID Card ৳ 7-9
Horizontal & Vertical Soft Card Holder ৳ 9-30
Silver PVC Material Card ৳ 5-9
Transparent Card ৳ 5-9
A4 ID Card Making Sheet for Inkjet PVC Print ৳ 3000

PVC cards are plastic cards used to print ID cards. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and thicknesses. The most common size is called CR80, which is 3.375” x 2.2125” (the same size as credit cards).  Another popular card size seen in the market is CR79, which is 3.303” x 2.051,” but note that only select card printers support this size.

There are many ways to secure a PVC ID card, including:

Security technology: Add a magnetic stripe, smart card capabilities, RFID proximity communication capabilities, and other security measures to your card.

Visual security: With the right card design you can ensure that the PVC ID card you produce is authentic and genuine while also ensuring it aligns to your organization’s brand standards.

Card security features: When you add features like UV printing, luster ribbon, holographic laminate, and tactile impression you make it difficult for the bad guys to replicate the PVC ID cards you produce for your organization.

Blank PVC Cards for Plastic ID Card Printer Available in Multiple Colors and Thickness.

Inkjet PVC ID cards are like standard PVC cards (like credit cards), but with a special coating that makes them printable with an inkjet printer.

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