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Barcode label Printer in Bangladesh 2024 | Best Barcode Printer in Bangladesh

A barcode printer is a specialized printing device used to produce barcode labels and tags. These labels and tags are used to identify and track products, materials, and equipment in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. The barcode information can be scanned and converted into digital form to be processed by a computer, making it an essential component in many supply chain and tracking systems.

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Type of Barcode Label printers available for purchase in 2023
If you are planning on buying a Barcode label printer in 2023, here are the most common types available:

Thermal Transfer Type Barcode Printer
Thermal Transfers Type printers, also called TT Barcode printers; are good for long-lasting high-quality labels. It uses ink ribbons. They use lower heat settings than any other printer. They have the widest range of face stock and Adhesive options available. It costs less to print a label in a TT printer. Brands like Zebra, Gprinter, Rongta, TSC, Toshiba, Honeywell, Gainscha are known for being good TT Barcode Printers.

Direct Thermal Printer
They are very similar to TT printers. But they use heat-activated special chemical layered papers. These DT Barcode labels are more affordable than TT labels and easy to set up. It needs one media line to monitor. Labels printed by DT printers are not sharp and easily damaged. They are prone to UV exposure. Most Brands like Gprinter, Xprinter, Zebra, Rongta, and TSC make DT Printers.

Laser label Printers
Laser label printers utilize Laser Printer or InkJet printers. They are the most affordable for label printing. Good for Sheet-fed home or office printers; they use Dry Toner Cartridges, either in black or a full set of colors. These cartridges use wet Ink so the labels have limited durability. The drawback of These printers is that it is impossible to print a single label like the TT or DT. They are prone to jamming from time to time. Any reputed brand like Toshiba, Honeywell, Canon, Epson makes Laser Printers.

Latest Barcode Printer  Price List In BD 2024| Fancy Trade & Technology

Barcode Printer Model Price in BD
Zebra ZD230 Barcode Printer 17500
Gprinter GP-3120TU/TUC Barcode Printer 8000
Gprinter GP-1224T Barcode Printer 19000
Gprinter GP-1134T Barcode Printer  28000
Rongta RP-400 Barcode Printer 13500
Gainscha GS-2406T Barcode Printer 18000

There are two main types of barcode printers: thermal transfer and direct thermal. Thermal transfer barcode printers use a ribbon that is heated to transfer ink onto the label, producing high-quality, durable barcodes. Direct thermal barcode printers use heat-sensitive media that darkens when exposed to heat, creating barcodes without the need for a ribbon. Direct thermal barcode printers are typically less expensive than thermal transfer printers, but the barcodes produced may fade over time.

Barcode printers come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, from small, portable models to large, industrial-grade printers. They can be standalone devices or integrated into larger printing systems, and many models offer features such as automatic label peeling, automatic label cutting, and adjustable print widths. Some barcode printers are also designed for specific applications, such as printing barcodes on flexible packaging materials or printing on a variety of label sizes and shapes.

The use of barcode printers provides several benefits for businesses and industries. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to produce high-quality, accurate barcodes that can be easily scanned and processed by computers. This makes it possible to track and manage large amounts of information more efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of errors and increasing the speed of transactions.

Barcode printers also offer the ability to customize barcodes for specific needs. This includes using specific barcode symbologies, such as Code 128 or QR codes, as well as adding custom graphics, text, and serial numbers to the barcode label. These customizations can help to improve product identification, tracking, and management, as well as providing valuable information about consumer demand and purchasing patterns.

In addition to these benefits, barcode printers can also help to improve supply chain and inventory management. By producing high-quality, durable barcodes, businesses can more effectively track the movement of products and materials, reducing the risk of loss or theft and improving overall efficiency. This can help to reduce waste, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability.

Despite these benefits, there are also challenges associated with using barcode printers. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that the barcodes produced are accurate and readable. This requires careful attention to the quality of the printing media and ribbons, as well as regular maintenance and cleaning of the printer. Additionally, there is a risk of damage to the barcode label, either through exposure to environmental factors or through wear and tear during use.

Another challenge is ensuring that the barcode printer is compatible with the systems and software used by a business. This requires careful consideration of the specific requirements of the business, as well as a thorough understanding of the available technology options. Additionally, there is a risk that the barcode printer may become outdated or may no longer be supported, which could result in significant costs and disruption to operations.

In conclusion, barcode printers are essential tools for businesses and industries in many different sectors. By producing high-quality, accurate barcodes, barcode printers can help to improve supply chain and inventory management, as well as providing valuable information about consumer demand and purchasing patterns. Despite the challenges associated with using barcode printers, the benefits are significant, making it an important investment for businesses looking to improve their operations and increase their competitiveness.

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