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Zebra ZT411 Barcode Printhead 300dpi

Zebra ZT411 Barcode Printhead 300dpi

৳ 41,000.00

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: for Zebra ZT411
  • Condition: New and Original
  • Part number: n/a
  • Resolution: 300dpi
  • Print width: 4.09 inch
  • Packaging: box/carton


ZT411 300dpi Printhead For Barcode Printer 300dpi 


1. Compatibility: for Zebra ZT411
2. Condition: New and Original
3. Part number: n/a
4. Resolution: 300dpi
5. Print width: 4.09 inch
6. Packaging: box/carton
Note: NOT fit for printing in thermal papers
1) Packaging: box/carton
2) Warranty: 01 days guarantee
3)Delivery time:03-14 day

How to Extend The Life of your printer head?

The ZT411 thermal printer is a very popular model. The ZT411 300dpi original printer head is easy to install and operate. It is used in various industries such as logistics, warehousing, shipping, postal services, and retail.

The print head is the most fragile and fragile device in a printer. It is a consumable product like a car and will eventually be damaged Careful maintenance can extend the life of the print head.

For best results, clean the print head every time you use a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper.

Note when cleaning the print head Take off the ring to prevent the print head from being scratched, and use a grounded metal strap or anti-static pad to prevent the print head from being damaged by static electricity.

You can use a cotton swab soaked in 70% alcohol, first turn off the printer and turn on the print head.

Use a small amount of cotton cloth to brush the mechanical part of the printer, or gently blow away dust (such as rollers, paper tape sensors, and print heads). Do not use any hard metal or abrasive tools (such as screwdrivers) to grind the contamination of the print head.

Use a cotton swab with alcohol to press it on the print head and wipe it from the bottom to the bottom. Then rotate the roller and wipe it with the roller. Do not use the cotton swab when it is dirty.

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